Wedding Curiosities........
* Flowers
Their meaning......
Depending on which flowers you choose for your bouquet, you are secretly sending a message to your groom....  check it!!
Azalea - True to the end
Camelia - Perfect Love
Carnation (red) - Admiration
Carnation (white) - Sweet & Lovely
Daffodil - Joy
Gardenia - Purity & Joy
Iris - Hope and Wisdom
Jasmine - Sensuality
Lemon Blossom - Fidelity
Lily of the Valley - Happiness
Rose (red) - I love you
Stephanotis - Marital Happiness
Tulip (red) - Love
Tulip (yeloow) - Sunshine of my life
Violet - Faithfulness
* Astrology

Please note: as there's no perfect marriages, there's no perfect date, but as a rule of thumb:

- NEVER marry when Venus or Mercury appear retrograde.  It's a 'no-no';
- NEVER marry when the Moon is void of course.  The Moon should be strong by sign & positive by aspect.
- Sun & Moon should ideally make a good aspect, as Sun & Saturn.

A good professional astrologer should be able to draw a chart for you and your partner!  ;)

* Feng Shui
A little fun....
It is said that by applying the principles of Feng Shui to your Wedding Day you can fill it with loving energy that can affect your marriage for years to come.
Here are some ideas you might like to apply to your Wedding Cake - can't do any harm can it? 
* Black & White
A colour scheme  which is said to be the perfect balance of yin and yang and could lead to the start of a harmonious life together.  
* Wedding Cake Chi
The Wedding Cake is the focal point of many receptions (next to the beautiful bride of course!)  In Feng Shui terms it's a symbol of the sweetest years ahead and is believed to set the whole tone of a marriage,  so the cake is very important.  
Here's a few pointers you might like to consider:
* Tall cakes are ideal for outdoor Weddings as they symbolise tree energy and marital growth.  However, try to avoid having a tall cake in a room with low ceilings or your optimism may be stifled.
* Three is the Feng Shui number of love so a three tiered wedding cake is thought to be the most desirable.
* Round or square cakes instil a marriage with a surge of energy and excitement whereas rectangular cakes start a marriage in a quite more romantic mood.
* If possible the colour of the cake should blend with the colours of your reception room.  An exception is white, which harmonises with everything and can be decorated with beautiful sugarcraft work to bring love and harmony to your future lives together.
* If you're into Feng Shui there's a lovely little Wedding book on this subject by Debra Keller - Ariel Books - Andrews McMeel Publishing
* World's Largest Wedding Cake: 15,032 Pounds
Mohegan Sun Casino Attempts to Shatter the World Record in Guinness Book of World Records
Today, at the New England Bridal Showcase, Mohegan Sun unveiled what it hopes will be the world's largest wedding cake. Measuring 17-feet tall and weighing 15,032 pounds, the seven-tiered cake is almost three-times the weight of the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's largest wedding cake.
The Mohegan Sun wedding cake is vanilla flavored and decorated with bows and hearts. Ingredients include: 10,000 pounds of pound cake batter and 4,810 pounds of creamy frosting with a taste of vanilla and almond. Comparatively speaking, the cake weighs more than five Volkswagen Beetles and can feed up to 59,000 people.
Chef Lynn Mansel, Mohegan Sun's Executive Pastry Chef and resident "Michelangelo of batters and buttercream," began creating the cake on Sunday, February 1st in the Uncas Ballroom. Along with his team of 57 chefs and pastry artisans, Chef Mansel baked 700, 18x24 inch vanilla sheet cakes. Then, using frosting as cement, they created 200, five- and six-layered bricks, which were put together to form the tiers of the wedding cake. Steel discs were used as cake separators and two fork-lifts helped raise each tier as the wedding cake took shape.
The current record in the Guiness Book of World Records is 5,334-pounds, and was unveiled at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2003. The five-tiered cake, which measured 22-feet tall, celebrated the wedding of the animated characters Shrek and Fiona -- who were the main characters in the original Shrek movie -- and the opening of the new Shrek 4-D ride at Universal Studios.
Mohegan Sun, owned by the Mohegan Tribe, is one of the largest, most distinctive and spectacular entertainment, gaming, shopping and meeting destinations in the United States. What began with the Casino of the Earth in 1996 has evolved into a legendary destination that now includes: the Casino of the Sky and over 300,000 square feet of total gaming space plus a 34-story luxury hotel, featuring 1,200 guestrooms and suites, premier meeting and convention space and a world-class spa.
More information is available by calling 1-888-226-7711 or visiting www.mohegansun.com
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