Wedding Cakes
Round, Square, Heart...  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Tiers...  Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Romantic, Modern, Traditional....  Fruit, Sponge, Vanilla, Chocolate...   so many options, so many designs to choose from, just one cake...  your dream cake...  for one of the most special days of your life.
From where should we start??
Please find below some tips for when you decide to buy your cake:
* Time - allow plenty of it!  Specially if you want fruit cake.  Fruit cakes take months to mature, and we can get booked up quite easily!  If any eventuality occurs and you give us short notice, we can still do it, but will cost you a bit more. 
* Design, Style, Size, Colour, Flavour - do you have any idea of how you want your cake??  Traditional tiers (with pillars to separate the cakes), cupcakes, American Stack (where each tier sits directly on top of another with no pillars)??  With edible photos of the couple??  Do you want flowers matching your bouquet??  Fresh or sugar flowers??  Each layer with a different flavour??  Please bear in mind that if you want to follow the tradition of keeping the top tier for your first child's christening, it needs to be fruit cake, as you can't freeze and keep sponge for too long.  Have a look in wedding magazines, go to local bakers, discuss with friends, and most importantly, your partner!  Most of the time, the decision is on the bride's hand, but it's always worth asking...  ;) 
* Toppers - We can provide different toppers:  traditional bride and groom, funny ones, initials, sugar flowers, Asian bride & groom and also, for civil ceremonies, same sex couple toppers.
* Budget - Have a realistic talk with your partner and see what you can afford.  Will the family help?  Sometimes a member of the family likes to pay for the cake, decorations, honeymoon...  check!
* Children - Consider having an entertainer in order to keep the children busy and less likely to feel bored.  Have special name cards, party bags and favours with them in mind are nice little touches.   Their parents will appreciate!

* Climate - Remember that depending on what season your wedding is, certain cakes don't 'work'!  If you are getting married in the summer, it is not advisable to have a chocolate cake filled with fresh cream; and so on.
* Unfortunately we cannot cater for clients with 
allergies and/or intolerances as our kitchen handles nuts, dairy & gluten *

* Make sure to advise us if you or anyone on your guest list have any food allergy/intolerance When we deliver (or you collect) your cake, you'll be required to sign a Health & Safety Disclaimer, where you will be aware of any items which are not edible or contain nuts, etc.
* You can always request to try a sample of our cakes.  You have to be sure you and your guests will enjoy it!
* When deciding on the size of the cake you will need, take the following into consideration:
    * Number of guests attending the celebration;
    * Number of guests attending the evening function;
    * Guests unable to attend and others not invited, to whom you'll give or post your cake;
    * Will you keep some for your 1st Anniversary?
    * If you choose a fruit cake, it will yield the most portions as it is firm and will cut without crumbling (approximately 1" square slice).  Madeira and similar cakes have a less dense texture and need to be cut slightly larger (1 1/2" x 1/2" slice) to prevent it breaking up.
The figures below are a rough idea of the number of portions you can get from each size cake (1st figure - Fruit Cake/2nd figure - Sponge):
                 Square                 Round                 Heart/Hexagon/
                     Tin                    Tin                        Petal Tins
6"                  35/17                 24/12                      15/8
7"                  47/24                 35/17                     24/12
8"                  60/30                 47/24                     35/17
9"                  75/38                 60/30                     47/24
10"                 95/48                75/38                      60/30
11"                118/58                 95/48                     75/38
12"                140/70               118/58                      95/48   
13"                160/80               140/70                     118/58
14"                188/95               160/80                     140/70
* Please bear in mind that these are rough figures, in case you like giving more 'generous' portions to your guests, the figures will be smaller. 
* Please contact us if you have any queries and come back soon for more details and pictures!
* As each cake will be made according to your specifications, they are priced individually.  Please phone for a free/no-obligation quote.

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