Nappy Cakes
Nappy Cakes come from the USA and are now extremely popular in the UK, as seen on Baby TV & magazines. 
A Nappy Cake can be given in any occasion:
* If our colleague at work is going on maternity leave, we always wonder what to give, but as much as the new mummys are going to love receiving them, we don't want to give just a bag of nappies!!!
* On baby showers;
* To a loved one who's just given birth;
* On baby's 1st birthday.
Depending on the size you choose, our nappy cakes can come with a blanket and/or burping cloth, towel, Pampers Newborn disposable nappies, (unless if you request a different brand and/or size - please enquire for a quote).  They are individually hand rolled, and also come with other hidden bits and pieces that mothers will always need and use, socks, a 'care kit' (scissors, storage case, syringe, medicine spoon, medicine dropper, nail clippers), baby on board signs for the car, teethers, and a teddy bear or other soft toy. 
They can be single tiered, double or go for the 3-tier-cake, and on different colours:  traditional blue for boys, pink for girls, and if the gift is to be given on a baby shower and no one knows the gender of the baby, you can choose between yellow, green, white & ivory.
The cake is placed on a silver cake board, wrapped in cellophane and with your choice of coloured ribbons and for an additional fee, with a foil balloon if you want to.  

Prices start from
Single Tier    £26.00
Two Tiers      £45.00
Three Tiers   £53.00
*We will do our best to have all the products, but in the event of our suppliers not having any of them, we will replace for a similar or better product *
Please come back for more pictures!
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