Divorce Cakes!!
Separations and Divorces are traumatic enough. But who said they need to be traumatic ALL the time?? 
If your separation is/was inevitable, make a lemonade out of your lemons and celebrate in style!
* Celebrate your freedom!
* Let your friends and family know that you have survived (and ARE available!);
* If the separation is amicable, you two can celebrate the privilege that everything ended without any major traumas and you're still friends;
* If it wasn't, have all the food, sweets and everything the 'ex' didn't like and celebrate your new YOU!
Our cakes are similar to our celebration cakes, with funny toppers or we can write whatever you want on it, like the ones below.  Watch out this space for more pictures of our cakes and toppers.
* Please have a look at prices on the 'Cakes etc' page.

* Unfortunately we cannot cater for clients with 
allergies and/or intolerances as our kitchen handles nuts, dairy & gluten on a daily basis. *
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